Positive thinking, quite the resource

My mother used to tell my brother and I not to be so negative so many times when we were kids that I think it may as well be tattooed on my arm. We weren't exactly super negative kids, and at times I felt that maybe we weren't being given the chance to be negative... Continue Reading →


The beauty of hindsight, and painful partings.

It's Friday night here and if you're anything like me you like to just tune out and do nothing to cap off a busy week. Here's the thing though, this lovely little brain of mine takes Friday evenings (and a glass of wine) as a sign that it's time to reminisce. Much like anyone else,... Continue Reading →

Let’s chat

When I was growing up my parents encouraged my brother and I to be creative, to speak our minds and to, above all else, be honest. Of course as a child being honest meant telling everyone and anyone you met that you hated the colour pink or that broccoli tasted like feet. Being creative meant... Continue Reading →

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