So, it's International Women's Day here in Australia and I can't help but feel like I need to express my deepest and most sincere thanks to the amazing women in my life. I'm talking about those women that have been in my life for decades, those that have been in my life for years, those... Continue Reading →


12 months

Who'd have known, such a tiny little thing would change everything we thought we knew. Every perception, every value, every thought, every. Single. Thing. Such a tiny little human suddenly changed our entire world. Twelve months, it's not long in the grand scheme of things, but man it's a long time when you're only twelve... Continue Reading →

Two faces

My brother has been constantly telling me about this local comedian, Tomas Ford, he's been to see goodness only knows how many times. So finally after listening to him tell me how good this show is and how hilarious it is, I went. Now, in all fairness, my brother warned me about how 'hands on'... Continue Reading →

Focus, tolerance and a working family

Today was my very first day back at work. The past few months I have had people from all different walks of life telling me that I would be super emotional about the whole situation. Older people told me I probably wouldn't be too concerned with leaving my son with his grandmother, other people told... Continue Reading →

These little changes

There's a bit of a habit that has formed in our household of late. Mostly it's around bad television shows and mobile phones. I'm sure it probably comes as no real surprise to anyone given that we are, after all, a generation fixed to screens. The thing is though, this constant screen time, was actually... Continue Reading →

Yogi spirit

I've been practising different types of yoga on and off for nearly ten years. In this time I have learned a plethora of information about all kinds of stuff, from my body to the world around me. Most importantly though, yoga has taught me a lot about my mind and spirit. It's something that even... Continue Reading →


Occasionally I find myself feeling a little... absent. Like that anchor that usually holds me to this crazy wonderful life has come up a bit and let me drift away from the things that are truly important to me. In these moments I find myself listening to this beautiful little tune called Messages by Xavier Rudd. It's... Continue Reading →

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